An Economic Reform Proposal

Having in mind that:

i. Despite of the increasing number of national and international financial institutions, the increasing amount of the available statistical data and computing power, economic crises are not predicted by governments, central banks and the academic community.
ii. The effectiveness of fiscal and monetary policy tools in an economy decreases over time. Just like in the human body, over time the same dose of a medicine or a drug has a diminishing effect.
iii. The complexity of the economic environment (of the theoretical models, of the institutions, of the financial products and of the attempts to regulate them) has led to an increasing level of national and private debt in almost every country and in increasing the concentration of wealth of the top 1% of the population.
iv. To simplify economic environment would be of great value to the society and the policy maker.

It is proposed that a sovereign currency*, public debt repayment with sovereign currency** and full reserve banking***, followed by balanced budgets in the public sector and a steady state economy would be beneficial to the Greek, the European and the world economy.

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